Gravity Star is looking to partner with companies because we are energized by companies and believe they have the potential to reach new heights over the decades


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Dear Business Owner,

I started Gravity Star with the goal of working with businesses I'm excited about for years to come. We do this by purchasing and operating these small to medium-sized businesses and working with owners on their transition. Having worked with GPS satellites, fiber network deployments, and asset management, I'm excited about all things technology. Unlike strategic investors, who invest in multiple companies for short-term returns, I am committed to growing and investing in your business for decades. I grew up in Southern California and now reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

If you are an owner interested in eventually transitioning out of your business, and want to ensure that your employees and customers are cared for, please contact me directly at or call me at 626-539-1764.    

Very respectfully,

Phillipe Rodriguez 

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with business owners to build ever-increasing and lasting value for our partners, businesses, and families.

What We Look For

We partner with companies with recurring revenues, low churn, a history of strong growth, and a seller looking to make a transition from their business.

Our Team

We partner your business with our team of operators, fellow CEOs, and advisors, and our excitement for what you've grown over the years.